Silk mark india 1

Your Assurance of Pure Silk


Silk is always cherished in its purest form. But in this age of imitations, many look alike synthetic fibers are being offered to the consumers as pure silk.
In order to protect the gullible consumers, Ministry of Textiles- Government of India initiated the concept of ‘Silk Mark’ which is being implemented by ‘Silk Mark Organisation of India’ (SMOI).
SMOI, promoted by ‘Central Silk Board – Government of India’, not only protects the interests of the consumers of pure silk, but also helps protect the interest of the millions of stake holders involved in the production of pure silk, such as sericulture farmers, reelers, rearers, twisters, weavers and a host of other skilled and semi skilled workers & artisans.
SMOI is being managed by a team of Textile Technologists spread across the country who are engaged in servicing the ‘Authorised Users’ of Silk Mark.
The Authorized Users are enrolled after a thorough background check. Silk Mark also verifies the credentials of the suppliers of the pure silk products from India for the benefit of buyers from foreign countries.
Therefore one can be reasonably sure of a hassle free purchase when buying the products with ‘Silk Mark’.